Rahhhhhhhhhhhh! Why do we {I} allow ourselves {myself} to get so distracted by the WORLD? If we recognized and praised God for everything single thing He has blessed us with every single day, we would never get off of our knees. Yet, here we are, standing in our own strength and will, with eyes on everything but God and His goodness.

Our eyes are locked on everything that brings us fear, worry, and discontent…

…instead of the One who gives us assurance, peace, and contentment.


Yes, we are only human, but we cannot keep using this as an excuse to keep from trying to be better.

Having and showing gratitude has to be our top priority.

Being grateful will completely change our perspectives.

Therefore, being grateful will completely change our lives.

Refuse to complain about your day even if it is raining outside, you are drowning in a new semester of classes, and you spill an entire bowl of lucky charms in your lap in the dining hall. {True story :’)}

{Group prayer time!}

Pray that God gives every person who reads this the strength and wisdom to find His goodness in the midst of life’s daily chaos.



11 thoughts on “Distracted.

  1. Oh, Cat, you are so young to have arrived at this truth! Praise the Lord for you! Praise and thanksgiving is so essential to our well-being in Christ. And hey! Maybe having lucky charms spill all over you isn’t such a bad thing! ;) May the Lord bless all your efforts to follow and serve Him! <3

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  2. I love the line “Yes, we are only human, but we cannot keep using this as an excuse to keep from trying to be better.” Wow. that’s going to stick with me today. Keep shining your light, Catherine! Looking forward to reading more from you.

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