A letter to my high school peeps

Hey guys! How’s it going?

We can all agree that high school is better than middle school (*let’s have a moment of silence for our middle school selves*), but it is still rough. You are no longer a kid, but you still feel like one. You are trying to figure out who you are and what you believe. You have so much pressure on you to do well in school, perform athletically, have a fantastically instagrammed social life, get into a relationship, look a certain way,

and fit in.

This pressure to be the same as everybody else drives me NUTS. God intentionally made you how you are. Do not change what you are passionate about, what you believe in, how you dress, and how you act just because everybody else is doing it.

In this season of life, you may be blessed with a great group of friends, or you may not. You may find a great significant other, or you may not. You may have a super packed social life, or you may not. I am writing this to let you know that what you are worried about right now will pass. This is just a season in your life like any other. It comes with good stuff and not so good stuff. Just do not let your focus be consumed with the latter.

Everything works itself out. If you don’t believe me, try to think about a time when something hasn’t worked out. It may not have gone according to your plan. It probably sucked for a while. But, it (God) pointed you in a different direction – a direction towards something greater and away from something (or someone) not meant for your life.

I am writing this letter to encourage you. I’ve been there. I survived. You will too. Do not compromise on who you are or who you want to become. Be fantastically you.

Focus on the good.

This is just a season.




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